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One-on-One hourly mentor session with our Best and Brightest Ivy Leaguers.

Students can work with our mentors on anything!

Get on the right track by talking to Ivy league students who have been through the college application process. We know how stressful it can be, so we want to help! Sign up for the one hour face-to-face consultations. Students can discuss about your goal (setup the goal and how to attain the goal), college essays, extracurricular, college selection, school courses, study plan, interview preparation, and more.

How It Works - Mentor Program is a package of 10 hourly sessions throughout the year. Students can set up the sessions on the fixed schedule such as monthly, or when needed. Parents are welcome to join the sessions. After the each session, we will send session reports to parents.

メンタープログラム (年間)

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